Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1 Sandwiches/ Baby bread and butter pudding Bun and cheese Crackers with cheese spread/ tropical fruits puree Semolina Noodles
Week 2 Hot cross buns Salt fish fritters Cornmeal Porridge Sandwiches/ apple & cinnamon crumble baby dessert Spaghetti
Week 3 Toasted Scones Cheese and crackers/ pear and apricot puree Vegetable pickles (fritters) Sandwiches/ sago Rice pudding
Week 4 Banana fritters Sandwiches/ jelly Tuna & cheese tortillas/ Wraps Cheese and tomatoes and toast/ avocado & mint puree Bun and cheese strawberry & banana puree
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1 Macaroni Cheese with spinach and vegetables Fish pie with vegetables Meat balls with rice Curried lentils and vegetables Pizza and chips
Week 2 Fish fingers, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables Spaghetti Bolognese with vegetables BBQ chicken, roast potatoes and vegetables Salmon tagliatelle with vegetables Beef burgers, potato waffles and sweetcorn
Week 3 Curried vegetables with rice Lamb, roast potatoes and vegetables Tuna pasta bake with vegetables Chicken casserole with vegetables Chicken nuggets, potato wedges and spaghetti
Week 4 Vegetable stir-fry Stew chicken with savoury rice and vegetable Shepherd’s pie with vegetables Macaroni cheese with broccoli and fish Jacket potatoes, cheese and beans
* All food is freshly prepared at the nursery on a daily basis. We provide a healthy well balanced diet and welcome any suggestions from parents.

All organic food for children ranging from 3months-5yrs

Children over 1yrs old,honey or jam can be used in porridge.

Babies under 1yrs old have porridge and sweetened juice from cooked organic fruits

* We cater for vegetarians/vegans and special diets.
* Water is available throughout the day and served at meal times.
* In addition to the above, breakfast is offered to the children before 9am juice and fruit is also offered at mid-morning.