Extra Curriculum

Our extra curriculum involves:

  • Educational days out such as going to the library, farms, zoo, museum, ect..
  • Music and Movements – We have a lady that comes once every other week where children are introduced to different musical instruments and songs, children are encouraged to sing their favourite song out loud on a Mike and are also encouraged to move their bodies in different ways. This session helps children to learn to interact with one another, helps them to develop physically, socially and helps to develop their language.
  • Cooking Activity – We do cooking with the children every Monday where children learn about the different types of ingredients and their texture. Children are encouraged to taste what ingredients taste like such as flour, sugar, syrup, butter, raisins etc… children are also involved with mixing ingredients and placing mixture on a baking tray or paper cups.
  • French-pre schoolers has the option to take on a second language.