About Us

Bambino daycare Limited is a small, safe and secure environment for children from 3 months – 8 years, where the high-quality care provided is consistent.

Our aim is to support and meet your child’s physical, emotional, social, language and communication needs. We understand that children learn through play and we provide different play activities throughout the day, where your child will have the choice to be engaged in different activities. We cater and are open to all children regardless of their gender, religion, colour, nationality, ethnicity and additional needs.

Bambino Daycare understands that every child is their own individual and are to be treated equally, we also offer special care to children with sickle cell and have a lot of knowledge and understanding on this condition

why choose us?

We offer a number of unique services including a special pick up and drop off service and have staff who are qualified to deal with children who may require special care especially children with sickle cell.For more information on Sickle Cell please visit theSickle Cell Society Website.